Yes we can help. 

Is your quarterly PBJ Submissions bogging you down? 

PBJ Support from 1 to 40. 
We can help you prepare and submit the files for you.
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Introductory Consultation 

We will work with your team to review the PBJ review and submission process.


Strategic Planning Session 

We will work directly with your payroll provider to compile the data in an ongoing basis. 

Strategic Execution 

We will review the data, prepare the data for CMS submission the submit the report for you.

Our promise

Fast, reliable 

We will compile the quarterly data from your payroll provider and/or staffing agencies. We will then scrub the data and review for any errors, compare to the previous quarters to ensure there are no unusual variances. Finally, we will submit the data to CMS on your behalf. Should you get audited we will be available to respond to any audits and assist with compiling the information reviewing prior to submitting.


Strategic Analysis 

Predict your Five-Star ratings, run what if analyses and get an in depth understanding of your staffing. Run mid-quarter analysis to predict the full quarter result.



Patty H.

Payroll Coordinator

Could not have done it without you!

J. Brown


This really helps us understand where we are heading and let's us stay ahead of the curve.


Dom L.


You really took a headache off of our hands! The process is so stress free now and I have a better understanding now than ever before.


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